‘Goblin’ Episode 11 Review: Graduation, Past Lives, Death Card And The Villain

Goblin / screenshot
(Notes: Watch out for spoilers! I'm not a Kdrama review expert. I'm just a fangirl who want to express the Kdrama feels. Thanks! )

Okay, so let us start in the beginning. So Goblin (Gong Yoo) already found out that Sunny (Yoo In Na) is the reincarnation of the young queen and his sister. So as a response, Goblin went to Sunny without even thinking and claimed her as his sister.

Sunny. I like how this episode focused one thing at a time; focusing on Sunny like for example in this episode. She is a witty girl like her measurements of Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) are exactly right and let me just commend the writer (again) that it’s the best way of the grim reaper to reveal himself as he is than just actually saying it. Though she was, according to Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) new to this genre on her life. Her reaction to knowing everything is prim and proper.

Grim Reaper a.k.a Kim Woo Bin. He’s very consistent on being head over heels with Sunny but at that very quick moment, he wanted to break up with her (After she hit him with some ‘thing’ removing his black hat and revealing himself to her). Oh no! Not now that I’m excited to know more of your love story. I really wanted grim reaper and Sunny to be happy ever after.

(On death card) He’s now confirmed to be best buddy with the goblin. He eventually shared right away to Kim Shin that his girlfriend is in danger, almost on the death seat. Plus, their bromance is still alive.

Deok Hwa. I’ve read a lot of theories claiming he was a god. I’m excited to confirm that but unfortunately it was not in this episode. I bet the viewers are quite excited to Deok Hwa’s character. I believe he is just more than the young chaebol/annoying niece of goblin.

Ji Eun Tak. (Graduation) It was another milestone for our leading lady here and it hit me right in my heart (emotional) when she graduated but she doesn’t have anyone to share it with.

(Death card) So she was given a notice by her boyfriend, the goblin to keep away from any high building because the cause of death is falling but she went to a very tall building to help one of the ghosts revenge or to visit and let her husband know that she was angry and she knew about her husband’s affair. She’s just so lucky that she got a handsome boyfriend and one powerful deity.

Kim Shin (Goblin). He portrayed the emotion of a longing brother to his sister. He even give Sunny things Kim Sun wants during the Goryeo era. That’s a symbol of both fondness, miss and regret that he did not protected her back then.

He portrayed the supportive boyfriend of Eun Tak when she graduated. He’s totally the cute guy every ahjumma wants for their daughter.

He also portrayed the overprotective boyfriend of Ji Eun Tak. Plus he already told Ji Eun Tak everything about the the consequences of him not turning into ashes. Like, c’mmon! He’s already handsome plus mighty. All the audiences surely fell in love with him by now.

Shamshin. She’s back in sight of Eun Tak and I really hope she meant that she wants Eun Tak to be happy. Please just let them have a happy ending! In this episode, her power as a deity was clearly implied when she sound like scolding the teacher of Eun Tak and calling her child. That’s my god! Oh and let me commend that the music softly comes in when she handed the flowers to Eun Tak, that's a very very sweet and emotional moment! Wow!

Villain is here. And oh the ending! Yes, what an entrance! I talked about how this drama lacks a villain and now he’s right in front of our eyes. I’m a bit worried about what he will cause to the rest but I’m always positive goblin will overpower him now. But, who knows? He’s the missing soul grim reaper was looking for right?

Further comments:

I like how the scenes were stitched through a transition. If you can remember the scene,the last scene where grim reaper was asked by his colleague about the missing soul and right after that as a transition, the villain Park Joong Won was introduced.

Wait! How come he's a soul missing for about 20 years when in fact he was from way way way back before? Oh! so many questions!

I’m really excited how this drama slowly dropped down all its ace! Kudos to the production staff and the writer. Oh! plus the music bedding, the songs! My god, they're definitely put in the right moment. Totally one of a kind story and the delivery plus the casts. I have so much positive to say about this drama! Excited for the Episode 12 now.