Pros and Cons of Dating Each BTOB Member

Dating BTOB Member

BTOB is one of the top boy groups in K-Pop right now and they have seven talented, funny and handsome members that any girl would dream of dating.

But while their fans would love to date any of the seven members, there are some pros and cons that come with dating each of BTOB members.

Here’s 3 major pros and one possible con of dating each of the BTOB members: (but actually there are more reasons why dating each one of them is advantageous!)  

Seo Eunkwang


    1. He’s kind and generous. Every time you tease him, he will just laugh it off.

2. He will do everything just to make you smile. From doing his fly aegyo to singing you musical and ballad songs, he can do it just to make you happy.

3. Always expect a big belly laugh when you’re around him.



His toned body + abs will lure other women so you worry everyday!

Lee Minhyuk


    1. It wouldn't be too hard to choose a Valentine's or Christmas present because he prefers red underwear ( other colors are also accepted right now since he wants to move on from RED). If you don't know what I'm talking about, see video below:

2. He's very good at sports. He can be your gym buddy, too!

3. He's true to his words so you can be assured he is serious with you.



Minhyuk is very charismatic and popular, especially to older females, so you know you're in a competition.

Lee Changsub


    1. 1. He's gentleman with impeccable "manner hands."

2. His talent in singing is superb that you can use him as your live music player.

3. He keeps his promises to his fans, what more with his girlfriend right?


If you're not into coffee, well it's definitely a con since Changsub is known to be a coffee-addict. Maybe you can't have coffee dates.


Im Hyunsik


    1. 1. His eye-smile is one of the best things in the world.

2. Expect to receive A LOT of songs as a gift for your special and even ordinary day-to-day event as a couple. He can also do a live rendition of ANY songs you will request.

3. He is a totally composed man who's  mature but he also  takes everyone's jokes and just laugh it off.


He's using BB cream but doesn't know how to apply it.


Peniel Shin


    1. 1. You have a boyfriend plus a photographer!

2. He speaks English so you do not have to worry about translations!

3. He is very innocent, generous and really considerate.



Before eating, you'll find him taking pictures or videos of your food during dates. Plus, you have his dog Penny to be jealous of!


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Jung Ilhoon


    1. 1. He'll show you the original version of "Gwiyomi."

2. Expect a lot of Gucci gifts.


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3. He has a very good sense of things, has a very good ethic and cares about image.



You might not understand some words when you quarrel as he talks fast, you know he is a rapper.

Yook Sungjae

1. He's multi-talented. From singing, rapping, acting, dancing, to imitating a pigeon eating,  he can do it all!

2. He can be your best friend- honest and comfortable to be around but he has a manly, romantic side to him which never fails to attract you.

3. Expect a lot of shopping when you're together plus you can both agree on cats, if you're a cat lover.


You'll make Joy super jealous.

  • jongdae is mine

    I expect that only con of Yook Sungjae hahahaha ^^