Rolled Piece of Paper (A Sungjoy / Bbyu Fictional Love Story)

It will bring back all your Sungjoy feels!

sungjae joy bbyu

Instructions: Click on the image to enlarge/ for easy reading.

SPECIAL & EPILOGUE About the author: Dona stans both BTOB and Red Velvet. She creates literary pieces, stories and arts about Sungjoy/ Bbyu couple. Follow her account for more: Twitter @bbyuteous   
  • jongdae is mine

    I couldnt read from the 65th images till the end :((

    • K Fanatics

      I’m sorry for that. I already fixed it. Hope it works on your end now. Thank you ♥

  • Vitoria Rodrigues

    Só tem em inglês? Não tem como eu traduzir a história??