10 Life Lessons We Learned From Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun’s ‘Goblin’ Korean Drama Series

Goblin Korean Drama Series

“Goblin” Korean drama series which took the Kdrama-goers by storm has just recently concluded. With its amazing plot twists, casts, script, cinematography and musical soundtracks, the show never failed to provide the necessary life lessons to help not just the viewers, but the people go by.

1. Life Isn’t Fair

It’s given in the “Goblin” Korean drama series that Gong Yoo’s character, Kim Shin was given complicated and harsh punishment by god. There are several parts wherein the goblin complains and questions the deity about his plan, until the almighty through Yook Sung Jae’s Yu Deok Hwa delivers a statement, "Fate is the question I throw, you can find the answer." It's applicable to everyone. 

Yu Deok Hwa the almighty

2. Different people, different stories

As Kim Go Eun’s Ji Eun Tak was marked as the goblin’s bride, along with that fate is her ability to see ghosts. She met different ghosts with different stories. These ghosts, just like any living person have wishes that they want to fulfill just before they vanished from this world. Each person’s story might be untold but all of them are special and worthy.

3. You know yourself first before getting someone’s advice

Kim Shin won’t die and his sister if only Lee Dong Wook’s Wang Yeo was not coward and a puppet to Park Joon Heon. If only he listened to his own heart and made his own decision, none of his people and loved ones left him. Sometimes, we get to hear a lot of comments and suggestions from others, however, we tend to forget what we want and what we truly feel.

4. Be sensitive

Wang Yeo’s misery was caused by his insensitivity. He felt unloved by his subjects, by his loyal servant and by his queen. He felt he was betrayed. If only he became more sensitive towards others, he might not end up killing his beloved queen. We need to be sensitive that others love us and we must not get our envy, jealousy, anger and any other negative things get in the way. We might accept help and return the help for those people who needs our mercy and love.

5. Forget the past and live guided by it in the present

When Kim Shin found out that Grim Reaper was the young king, he was furious enough to decide he’ll kill him but he was held back by their recent memories of being good friends. Just like the Goblin, we are always distracted of doing good things and living our own life because of the past. But if only we are brave enough to forget about it, instead make it a lesson to be guided in the present, we will be happier.

6. We create our own destiny

Life may throw negative events but Ji Eun Tak chose to be happy and stay positive. When her mom died, she continued living with her aunt and two cousins. Even though they never treated her right, she considered them her family and she even thanked her aunt for raising her. Moreover, she also chose her destiny to end her life to protect some children from a car accident. Just like her, Yoo In Na’s Sunny refuse to forget all her memories and decided to make her life her own. She created her own destiny. Guided by the will of God, we are given the chance to make our own decisions in life. Whatever happens, God will always be there for us.

7. We can’t escape death

No matter how many times Goblin and Grim Reaper tried to save Ji Eun Tak from dying, even though they have protected her, in the end she died still. As human beings, just like what Ji Eun Tak said that life is beautiful because you don’t know how long or short time you may live. This also leads to…

8. Cherish every moment

Though the weather is bad or good or just enough, you need to cherish and live your life to the fullest. You might not know your next chance to say “I love you” to the person you treasured so much.

9. True Love Waits

The goblin has waited 939 years before he met his bride, Ji Eun Tak and even waited another nine years to be with her and another 30 years. If you truly love someone, you can wait for him/her just like if he/she loves you, she/he can wait for you no matter how long it will take. Love will always find its way.

10. Believe that everything happens for a reason

It has been noted that Ji Eun Tak’s life is a mess not until she met her fated husband, Kim Shin. Just like her, we might think that everything that is going on with our lives are mostly inconvenient and we are truly unlucky. However, we must believe that the almighty is always listening to us and he already has his plans for each one of us.

grim reaper

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