10 Times We Wish We Were Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung
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Ah, what girls everywhere would give to be in Lee Sung Kyung’s shoes. The 26-year-old actress captured the hearts of worldwide fans in her recent drama, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.”

Here are 10 reasons why we want to be Lee Sung Kyung.

1. When she slayed every photoshoots.

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2. She gave us friendship goals with other top South Korean celebrities! She's close with Kim Go Eun, Lee Jung Suk, Park Shin Hye , Yoon Kyoon Sang etc...

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선배 짱시원하지?

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우리 사랑하고있어요....❤️

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3. She is good in playing piano.

4. She's a good singer.

5. She can sing English songs well, too.

6. She went from....

To ....

❤️ #역도요정김복주 잠시후에만나요??‍♀️

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But, still gorgeous as always!

7. She gave us major OTP feels with Nam Joo Hyuk.


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복주녕 Forever

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8. She can be your worst enemy.

9. Your overprotective bestest friend.

10. Or anything in between...

Literally, she can do almost everything and good at everything, right?

Ah, what we would sacrifice just to be her.