9 Confessions of a Kdrama Fan

We devote ourselves fully to the Korean fandom and we don’t regret it because who are we kidding? It’s the best thing that happened to us.

9 Confessions of a Kdrama Fan

In the wee hours of dawn when the whole world sleeps, we can be seen squinting our eyes staring at the screen. Our eyes barely have the strength to open and yet we whisper to ourselves, ‘one last time’ and click on the next episode.

Such is the life of a Kdrama addict. Here are 9 confessions of a Kdrama fan that clearly sets us apart from the rest of the world and brings us closer to one another.

1. Life Goal : Going to Korea and Marrying a Korean

Every Korean fan can be seen preaching about how Korea is the most livable place on this planet surrounded by a bunch of with people who clearly had too much of you. But who cares if people think we’re weird? We already have plans made to grow up, fly to Korea and marry a Korean. That is our happily ever after.

2. Aishhh, Yahhh, Chincha...

Younger sibling acting like a goof: Aishhh, friend steals your lunch: Yahhh, BTS is having a concert an ocean apart: Chincha? These words fill our daily vocabulary with such ease that we don’t even remember our lives from before.

3. The Struggle for Eng Subs

Causally scrolling past the recommendations and suddenly you see your bias smiling at you. Your insides turn giddy and you click on the video only to find your hopes crashing. The video does not have English subtitles. We all have been there. Even though we considers ourselves to be a Korean pro, when the video is without subs we…ah…

4. The Man of our Dreams…is not real

Be it a bully or a rich heir, the Korean men set our expectations so high that even we realize that we will have to die single because the guy of dreams just does not exist.


5. English?

Our ears become so accustomed to Korean that when we try to watch an English movie, we have trouble adjusting. It doesn’t stop at that. Our normal speech gets affected. Why becomes Wae, Yes becomes Ne and No becomes Ani. When the phone rings we answer by saying “Yobuseyo.”


6. Spreading the addiction

After becoming Kdrama addicts, we spread the addiction. We grab whosoever we can find: best friend, sister and force them to watch dramas, we flood their phones with Kpop songs and we keep on trying till they fall in the trap. After the infection has been spread, which to be frank doesn’t take long, the victim pretends to be angry and blame us for the virus but deep down everybody knows how thankful he/she is.


7. The biggest lie: one more episode

Pulling all nighters is our biggest specialty because we can’t stop. The moment we hit the sack, we plug in our respective devices, our brains constantly calculating the number of episodes we will be able to watch in the remaining time. Sleep becomes an old friend we once knew.


8. Professional Stalkers

No one stalks better than us. When we’re supposed to researching for an assignment, we’ll have multiple tabs open and we’ll be found comparing the heights of various actors. We can find anything about anybody. All we need is an electronic device with a high speed internet.


9. Our lives go down the drain and we enjoy it

Our grades are failing, our social lives non-existent and yet all we can care about is that the drama starring Lee Jong Suk is being released today. We devote ourselves fully to the Korean fandom and we don’t regret it because who are we kidding? It’s the best thing that happened to us.

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