11 Korean Movies to Watch This February

The love month is also a month to watch good Korean movies!

Ji Chang Wook in "Fabricated City" / Screengrab from heraldcorp.com

1. Le Tour: My Last 49 Days (February 1)

Directed by Jeon Il Woo, Kim Yang Rae, Lim Jung Ha and Park Hyung Jun, this documentary film is a story about a young man diagnosed with rare cancer at the age of 26 and decided to fight against his illness through cycling. Can he achieve his dream?

2. Reunion Goals: The Beginning (February 2)

Starring Han Yeong Hoon, Yoo Ji Won and Han Seol Hwa and directed by Jung Dae Man, this melodrama romance film seems like a Korean movie version of “Friends with Benefits.”

3. Garak Market Revolution (February 2)

This movie stars Jung Du Won, Choi Si On, Park Ye Yeong and Jeong Da Won. The story about this comedy movie is about Do Soo who tried to do a shortcut in making quick money by starting to work at Garak Market. A great battle of chess is also featured in this movie!

4. Fabricated City ( February 9)

“The K2” actor Ji Chang Wook makes his film screen comeback with this action crime movie. It tells a story of Kwon Yoo being framed for murder.

5. Yes, Family (February 15)

This family-themed movie is directed by Ma Dae Yun. It stars Lee Yo Won, Jeong Man Sik, Esom, Jeong Joon Won, Lim Jeong Eun and Kim Hye Eun. The story focuses on Oh siblings who live their normal lives until they found out they have a younger sibling. This movie is to be distributed by Disney.

6. Retrial (February 16)

Retrial” is a story about an attorney's struggle in finding justice for a falsely accused boy of the Yakchon five-Way intersection murder case which happened in year 2000. Directed by Kim Tae Yoon, the film stars Kang Ha Neul,Jung Woo,Kim Hae Sook, Lee Dong Hwi, Lee Kyeon Yeong and Han Jae Yeong.

7. Miraculous (February 22)

“Miraculous” is an animated film co-produced by Korean-French and Japanese productions. It tells a story of an ordinary student turning to a superhero to save Paris.

8. Lucid Dream (February 22)

This sci-fi thriller movie talks about a father who is looking for clues in order to find his kidnapped child.

It stars Ko Soo, Seol Kyeong Gu, Park Yoo Chun, Kang Hye Jeong, Park In Hwan and Cheon Ho Jin.

9. Single Rider (February 22)

Directed by Lee Zoo Young, the mystery film stars Lee Byung Hun, Kong Hyo Jin and Ahn So Hee. It talks about a man finding himself traveling to Australia after losing everything to regain his self-confidence however, a shocking truth is there to reveal for him.