How to Achieve Korean Eyebrows Style Without Plucking


SNSD Taeyeon by Julian Camilo Vega Rocha, CC BY-ND 2.0

The Korean beauty trend you surely don’t want to miss!

It’s true that plucking our eyebrows is not just physically hurtful in our part but also emotionally scary. Why? If, we cannot do it properly, we might just trim it unnaturally and it will definitely look awful, right? So, the next question is how can we achieve the Korean brows style without using our tweezer?

I’m not an expert but according to some research I have found, there’s a quick and easy guide on how to set your eyebrows straight just like any other Korean women.

Step 1

Brush your eye brow. The stroke should be outward. This is to ensure that you can see where you need to draw the straight lines for later.

Step 2

Choose an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow which is lighter than your brow’s color and fill in your brows. Keep it lighter to make sure it looks as natural and not too dark to keep it tidy. Now, draw an outline of straight brows around your brow’s natural shape. Blend blend blend it to make it more natural.

Step 3

Keep it clean by using a concealer. If you have an arch brow, cover it up with the perfect concealer according to your skin color.

So, the final verdict? You will have that Korean brow trend plus it surely makes you more younger!