All the Butlers Episode 18 Review: Just Do It Right Now!

All the Butlers episode 18 review

All the Butlers episode 18 preview

This is the first time I write about "All The Butlers" ("Master in the House") despite the fact that I watched it every Sunday.

Let me just say that the chemistry of the four: Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yoon, Yang Se Hyung and Yook Sungjae really improved a lot. They really looked and felt more like brothers doing a variety show.

When you are watching "All the Butlers," surely you will end up laughing the whole episode because of how funny the hosts are and how mischievous their masters are sometimes. But for episode 18, it got me very emotional.

Their master for the episode: Cha In Pyo - the guy in mostly variety show who brushes angrily meme, taught them how to be hasty or how to do everything in a short period of time. What was funny is that in the previous episode, they even have to do 50 push ups every hour.

Aside from teaching them to be quick in doing things, Cha In Pyo taught them of his principle which he termed as "Right now!" It is doing the things that you are always setting aside because of schedules conflict or these are the things you want to do but always end up not achieving it. Cha In Pyo reminded them of doing things they should do to avoid regrets in their lives, whether it is for work, love or relationships.

When asked what they want to do "right now", Lee Seung Gi mentioned that he never visited his grandmother for about four years already. He added that he promised to visit her right after his release from the military but then the schedules won't let him meet her shortly after his enlistment. Cha In Pyo suggested to do that and encouraged the other members to do it for Lee Seung Gi and his grandmother.

All the butlers and their master went from Seoul at 4am straight to Sokcho to meet Seung Gi's grandmother. Her grandmother was super excited to know her grandson will visit her and was even happier when she knew his grandson's co-hosts will be coming as she adores them all. His grandmother even knew each of their names and spoke about what makes the show great.

Aside from visiting Lee Seung Gi's grandmother, the other members also got a glimpse of the Sokcho's sea.

Here are the quotable quotes from "All the Butlers" during episode 18:

This cute little conversation exchange from Lee Seung Gi and his grandmother made me realize that special bond between grandparents and grandsons/daughters:

Aside from this, Ongals who dreamed of achieving success in the Western countries as performers, also get to perform in a facility in Seoul. All ages love them for their humor and performance. What touched me is that one of the members of Ongals is receiving chemotherapy for his cancer but that doesn't stop him from making other people happy. Moreover, it is nice to know that people appreciates them, knowing that Ongals worked hard in order to perform and give the best performance to the people, regardless of their status, ability or situation.

Lee Seung Gi even cried and made a promise with an old man who wanted the Ongals to go back to the same venue because he liked their performance so much, he cried too.