INFINITE’s L Discusses His Character on ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’

Angels Last Mission Love kim myung soo INFINITE L

Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE L) confessed that he had worries before acting like an angel for his drama "Angel's Last Mission: Love."

Kim Myu Soo, who shared his character at a press conference on KBS' drama "Angel's Last Mission: Love," held at KBS studio yesterday afternoon.

"The previous project was a court case, then a historical before that. The characters that have hardly appeared before are still fresh and uncomfortable. It seemed interesting but I was worried. However, I decided to perform, thinking that when (the chance) will I able to do it again. This time I'm an angel," he said.

"Then ("I'm Dan") my colleagues' were surprised. I'm shy, and even though he is a dumb person, they said it's cute because he has a funny, bright, high-tension character like Dan. Some find it strange," he added.

On the other hand, “Angel's Last Mission: Love”, starring Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo, depicts the romance of a ballerina and an angel who never believes in love. Airing in Korea every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM.