Netizens Criticize Bae Suzy for Poor Hosting Performance at 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards

Oh! I think she did well, though.

Bae Suzy

In the recently concluded 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony, several popular actors and idols were present. Despite this, some Korean netizens have started to throw some negative comments regarding Bae Suzy’s poor hosting skills in the event.

Originally posted on News Nate, netizens started to comment on how the singer-actress was not in harmony with Park Joong Hoon during the event.

Some netizens also begged the Korean idol and actress to just stop hosting and just proceed with her music. While others point out how poor she delivered her spiels while hosting. There are also some people who pointed out that she is just a pretty face.

Watch Bae Suzy’s hosting skills during the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards below! What are your thoughts?