Are you a die-hard Bbyu couple (Yook Sungjae, Joy) Shipper? You Might Want to Participate in this!

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BtoB’s Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Park Soo Young or known as Joy are known to be a virtual married couple in the MBC’s program “We Got Married.” With the couple’s portrayal of innocent, pure and young love, fans not just from South Korea but all over the world adore and support them as a couple and as individual Kpop idols.

It was on June 3, 2015 when both Yook Sungjae and Joy were tapped to be a virtual husband and wife for each other and started their virtual marriage. And as fans celebrate the second anniversary of the couple this year (even though the program and the virtual marriage of the couple has ended in 2016), they decided to make it memorable by doing a meaningful event. Click on the Instagram account for more details:

Bbyu's 2nd anniversary is only 23 days away! As we really really celebrated it in big way last year so I think we gonna feel empty if we dont do anything this year therefore, I decided to make simple events for this and maybe we wont do anything special anymore start next year and just celebrate it on sns. Sungjae has already know about this event and he said early thank you to everyone who participate, who knows that he might already tells Sooyoung about this as well and she must be so glad knowing this. Event 1 As you might know, we gonna do donation in each countries. So contact the PIC of your each countries to donate. Donation will be closed on May 27th so please hurry up! Its only 16 days left! Philippines: 2319-0611-53 Bank of the Philippine Islands - Savings Account @bbyucoupleph Vietnam: 14710000175776 Ngân hàng BIDV Chi nhánh 3/2, Nguyen Thai Ngoc Tram @sungjoyvn Indonesia: 122 000625346 5, Mandiri a.n Novy Sulistyowati @cute6sj.hotjoy Malaysia: BSN 0210441000013920 (SITI AISYAH BINTI HARUN) @highlightforbeast USA&International: @chamwhiz18 Lemme know if you are willing to organize other countries. Notes: If you feel like you cant organize your country but still want to donate, you can send your donation to USA via paypal and contact @chamwhiz18 Please send the payment proof to each organizer after you donate. Lets make our project this year success like last year, lets celebrate Bbyu's anniversary in good way, lets help people who we can help in this world and spread the love. Show that you care! Show your support and love for Bbyu! Event 2 Its simple! Make a video of your Bbyu's best moment in 1 minute with beautiful bgm that could tear our heart and sent it to my email [email protected] I will post most videos on anniversary day on this instagram! So please participate a lot ^^ send it with format: Name: Instagram Username: Country: I will wait till May 30th! Please participate on both events a lot and show your love to Bbyu! #YookSungjae #Sungjae #Joy #ParkSooyoung #SMTOWN #cubeent #Bbyu #SungJoy #JaeJoy #WeGotMarried #WGM #BtobRV #Btovelvet #SungJoyTeam #Btob #RedVelvet #육성재 #성재 #조이 #박수영 #쀼 #우결 #우리결혼했어요 #비투비 #레드벨벳

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According to Instagram account @sungjoyfamily, fans can donate money which will be used for meaningful event like helping schools in several countries participating. So far, countries which will be participating will be Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and USA. Aside from the donation event, fans are encouraged to make a one minute fan made video containing the most memorable scenes of the Bbyu couple which could get a chance to be aired on the famous Bbyu shipper’s websites and accounts.

To recall, in 2016 the fans also donated money in an animal shelter in Korea for an amount of around USD$1800 under the name of Yook Sungjae and Park So Young to celebrate their first anniversary. There were several fans from 16 countries who participated in the event.

As you know, Bbyu shippers have been so active during 2016. So here is the highlight of Bbyu shippers' activities in 2016: 1. Donations by 16 countries for the animal shelter in Korea for around USD$1800 under name of Yook Sungjae & Park Sooyoung in celebrating their 1st anniversary (Supposed to be the dog shelter where Bbyu went in ep 16 but that place doesnt receive donation). 16 countries: Korea, USA, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, UK, Singapore, Canada, Norway, France, Switzerland (Sungjae, Joy and WGM staff already know about this. Sungjae even said thanks for many times through Bbyu shipper who went to Btob's fansigning at Japan. Sungjae said that he is so thankful and touched of this project) 2. Youtube video of Bbyu shippers from many countries did selca and holding the Bbyu's 1st anniversary banner (Search: Bbyu shipper project) 3. Sungjoy Baidu Bar (China) with help of some countries, put up 30 Bbyu's LED on the subway in Korea for a month in celebrating Bbyu's 1st anniversary 4. Sungjoy Baidu Bar put up the Young Love MV on the street at an area in Seoul 5. Sungjoy Philippines bought stars each for Sungjae and Joy 6. Sungjoy Philippines sent Bbyu the Bbyu neck pillow 7. Sungjoy Baidu Bar sent many gifts to Bbyu. One of it, the doll pillow was held by Joy on ep 39 8. Me, with the name of sungjoyfamily sent the miniature of Bbyu, along with Bbyu membership cards and letters to Bbyu when I was in Korea 9. And some others Sungjoy Baidu Bar's projects for their birthday and concert So proud to see this sum-up, we have been doing so many things in 2016. We might not be able to do as many as last year, but lets do something meaningful again this year. Thank you~ Ps. Feel free to suggest what kind of donation we could do this year #BbyuYoungLove #YookSungjae #Sungjae #Joy #ParkSooyoung #SMTOWN #cubeent #Bbyu #SungJoy #JaeJoy #WeGotMarried #WGM #BtobRV #Btovelvet #SungJoyTeam #육성재 #성재 #조이 #박수영 #쀼 #우결 #우리결혼했어요 #성조이 #재조이 #육조이 #비투벨벳 #Btob #RedVelvet #비투비 #레드벨벳

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