Here’s What BTOB’s Peniel Did After Watching Famous Filipino Singer Cover ‘It’s Okay’

The BTOB member shared to his Twitter followers what an amazing cover the famous Filipino singer did!

BTOB Peniel

Philippine Melodies are so overwhelmed right now!

A famous Filipino  singer named Jed Madela took to his Twitter account and asked his fans their request, when one of his fans and also a Melody (BTOB's fandome name) requested him to sing one of South Korean boy group BTOB's song.

He also shared that after listening to one of the songs of the famous South Korean boy group, he can't stop listening to it.

The Filipino singer was kind enough to nod and less than 24 hours, he then posted a video of himself singing to "It's Okay" by BTOB.

The Filipino fans of BTOB quickly expressed their admiration and thanked Jed Madela for doing a great cover. The fans even welcomed the Filipino singer into their fandom.

Several fans also commented that Jed Madela and BTOB are almost the same as they are both known to portray great emotions while singing.

Jed Madela also shared that he shares the same sentiments and goals with BTOB.

And just recently, one of the members of BTOB, Peniel Shin reetweeted and quoted the Filipino singer's cover of "It's Okay." He said that it was an amazing cover and Madela has a great voice.

Right now, the Philippine Melodies are happy and proud as this means that the 7-member South Korean boy group, BTOB gets more recognition in their country. The fans are also hoping that a solo concert or fan meeting in the Philippines could push through.