Disney to Distribute ‘Yes, Family’ Korean Movie

Yes Family
YouTube Screenshot

Walt Disney reportedly chose “Yes, Family” Korean comedy movie as its first movie in the country for distribution.

“Disney picked up this film because the company thought its family theme would fit their motto (in selecting titles),” Ma Dae Yun said, at a press event on Wednesday, Jan 25.

The movie is about the three siblings’ encounter to their youngest brother. It was directed by Ma Dae Yun. It stars Lee Yo Won, Jung Man Sik, E Som and Jeon Jun Won.

Actress Kim Hye Eun was also tapped to play the role of Soon Im, the wife to an incompetent husband and she will be mean towards her sisters-in-law.

According to Variety, Hollywood studios such as Warner and Fox have already tried to become more involved on local productions and distribution of Korean films. Disney was reportedly the third biggest distributor in South Korea last year.

“Yes, Family” will hit theatres on February 15.