Facts I learned about Gong Yoo after watching Lee Dong Wook’s ‘Because I Want to Talk’

Gong Yoo bride

Gong Yoo is one of the hottest and famous Korean actors worldwide. With his charisma as the 939-year-old great guardian finding his one true bride in “Goblin” to being a zombie in”Train to Busan,”he is an actor who can play diverse roles in films and dramas that everyone applauds and looks up to.

Here are things you could add to your list of what every Gong Yoo fan should know!

Gong Yoo’s real name is Gong Ji Cheol.

He likes NBA and loves watching films like “Gran Torino.” He also enjoys watching movies by Joaquin Phoenix and Clint Eastwood.

Though he starred in a horror flick, Gong Yoo revealed he cannot watch a scary movie alone.

Gong Yoo lives alone and instead of being sad when he’s all alone, he mentioned in Lee Dong Wook’s talk show “Because I Want to Talk” that he enjoys his alone time and isn’t bothered about spending time alone

Gong Yoo said that “Coffee Prince” means a lot to him. It was the time when he doubted about continuing as an actor. Right before he served the military, the famous actor said he went through a lot and being on the drama series , he realized that he is born to be an actor and that he needs to continue to be one, adding that he’s thankful for all the love he received because of the show.

Gong Yoo felt pressure after filming “Goblin” because of its massive success. He also mentioned that he suffered mentally because of this and it was one of the reasons of his acting hiatus for years.

Gong Yoo likes fishing.  He even joked that when he gets old, he wanted to be a fisherman.

Gong Yoo’s bride is nowhere to be seen in real life yet. The actor is known to be a private person and his love life isn’t shared in the public. The actor mentioned  that he isn’t planning to get married yet.

Gong Yoo wants to pursue directing. The actor wanted to release something that he directs. He wanted to be a director and work at the back of the camera.

Gong Yoo wants to be reborn as a musician. He said that while it’s nice to express the works of the directors and writers into screen being an actor, he preferred expressing his own thoughts and life using music.

Additional information which is not found during his guesting but on a magazine interview:

Gong Yoo’s bride in the “Goblin” drama, Kim Go Eun was mentioned by him in an interview for one of the actresses he hoped to work with in the future. Before being casted as the handsome and great “Goblin,” Gong Yoo said that he wanted to work with Kim Go Eun as she finds her very charming and awesome actress. He saw him in the movie “Coin Locker Girl.”