Here’s why ‘Fight for My Way’ achieved incredible ratings

It's truly a relatable story! You need to watch it!

Fight My Way

KBS’ newest drama “Fight My Way” contains no glamorous character or setting but it managed to pull viewers to achieve remarkable ratings of 11 percent after its slow start of 5 percent. The drama’s brand ranking is now reported to be third overall and first among its competitor dramas.

According to some critics, the primary reason why the drama achieves its success is most likely because it shows reality rather than fantasy and fiction. Many dramas depend much on the Cinderella complex. Unlike the other dramas, Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won-starrer drama are not second generation chaebols but rather normal people who are struggling to achieve their dreams. Everything they are from their dreams to their reality is all realistic and relatable.

“Before, dramas portraying the joys and sorrows of underdogs as well as their eventual success were loved. “Fight My Way,” on the other hand, is popular because it takes reality into account and tells its story, not in a depressing or sad way, but in a funny way,” Gong Hee Jung, a drama critic reportedly said. “The stories of the main characters who are fighting their way against reality are relatable to the viewers, who were previously stricken with emptiness after watching romantic comedy dramas with second generation chaebols as main characters.”

Another reason why the drama is considered successful is because of its directing and scriptwriting. The production staff has produced drama which has solid description of characters and their emotions.

Moreover, Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won portray the role effectively. Both actors revealed they relate to their characters so much.

Park Seo Joon said that he left military with dreams of becoming a successful actor but he realized it wasn’t that easy. Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won also said that she can relate with her character in finding her way of life. With this, they reportedly both portray their characters as if they are the one who experienced it.

The chief producer of KBS, Lee Gun Joon said that since youth and young adults are struggling about unemployment nowadays, they can relate to the stories of those characters in the series where they are defeated by the harsh reality.

“Fight My Way” airs on KBS every Monday and Tuesday.