‘Goblin’ Actress Kim Go Eun Shares the Essence of Being a Woman, Responds to Recent Hate Comments

She is beyond beautiful!

Kim Go Eun for Elle Korea

Kim Go Eun is already a well-known celebrity internationally and along with it, opinions from people differ about the 25-year-old actress. However, the young actress shared her own wisdom about beauty and being a woman.

In a recent interview for Elle Korea for March “Yes! We Are Women!” issue, the actress gave thoughts about being a woman which surely can empower every woman from all over the world.

"There’s one thing I want from myself, and it’s to always be a person with a healthy mind and heart. It’s more difficult than I thought. Of course it would be great to be physically beautiful to many people’s eyes, but if I try and change myself to satisfy a set standard of beauty, I feel like I’ll exhaust myself,” the actress said.

“It’ll continue clashing with my own unique creativity. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way,” both referring to what is beauty and her recent issue of taking down an Instagram photo after receiving hateful comments from people.

Kim Go Eun for Elle Korea

The actress also revealed what made her happy about being a woman saying, "Women are beautiful purely for existing. Every age bracket brings a new kind of beauty and it’s so clear with each group. It’s like cutting in to a rock and finding a diamond; the whole process of being born as a girl and growing into a woman is so beautiful."

It is clear that despite her young age, Kim Go Eun is definitely a talented actress, positive, intelligent and everything positive.