Goblin Episode 10 Review

Grim Reaper and the Goblin wants to greet you a happy new year!

(Notes: Watch out for spoilers! I'm not a Kdrama review expert. I'm just a fangirl who want to express the Kdrama feels. Thanks! )

With “Goblin” Episode 10, every mystery about Sunny and Grim Reaper’s lives are now answered.

Let me enumerate the scenes that I really love in this episode. But before that, let me commend on how this episode balances off the screen time spent with Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin’s romance. This episode focused more on Grim Reaper and Sunny’s past lives and budding romance.

The episode started with a scene where Sunny touched Grim Reaper’s hand and then Sunny’s past life was revealed to the grim reaper.

Last time, I talked about how great their cinematography is and just like the previous episode, there are lots of good points for cinematography/videography.

It’s a scene where the young King peeked on Kim Shin’s sister while she is practicing on how to walk like a royal, I guess in preparation for their wedding. (this scene is more beautiful in the video with the reverse effect)

In order to make the audience understand what’s going on, the writer set the facts straight by having the Grim Reaper enumerate his facts/ theories about Kim Shin and Sunny’s past life and relationship with the goblin.

Just an immortal being doing a research

I like how the drama just smoothly transfer one dramatic or emotional scene to another. -A scene below is where Ji Eun Tak acting jealous but it’s kind of funny in a way. She joked about how all men, whether mortal or immortal, are all the same.

A great saying by Ji Eun Tak, the Missing Soul

Ji Eun Tak, the philosopher

It’s also cute that if you could all remember, if Ji Eun Tak is angry towards the goblin, Kim Shin will also get mad and they will just end up having a ‘lover’s quarrel’, however in this episode, it was just proven that their love is going now into another deeper level as after Ji Eun Tak blabbed about what she noticed about men (goblin, the grim reaper), Kim Shin went back to tap her.

Goblin, the caring boyfriend

Of course, how can she not be excited about that romantic gesture huh?

Ji Eun Tak flustered by goblin boyfriend

Too much chemistry in one picture

Also in this episode, Kim Shin finally shared his past life to the Grim Reaper and of --------course, Ji Eun Tak accidentally listened to him behind the kitchen’s door. How can this two immortal not notice this mortal cute girl eavesdropping?

Ji Eun Tak eavesdropping or maybe she wasn't at all? Maybe she just want to look at the back view of these two handsome guys! We're so jealous, Eun Tak stop it!

And let me just appreciate how Gong Yoo exude so much charm whether with long or short hair. He totally nailed it!

Gong Yoo with long hair

Gong Yoo with short hair

Another shot worthy of praise.

the young queen off to marry the king

What are you doing? 'off to my sister's wedding'

It’s when Kim Shin’s sister is travelled by a palanquin off to her wedding.

Despite being on a serious mode plus aspect of being in historical era, the writer showed how Kim Shin and her sister were very closed in the story just by using one word: “ugly.”

Kim Shin teasing his sister

She uses the representation of how close the siblings were by making use of “common words” used by siblings who tease each other. It mean they just totally care and love each other.

Another cinematography appreciation.

young king catches the young queen part 1

young king catches the young queen part 2

Catch me I’m falling scene by the young queen and king. All Hail!

And when I mentioned that there were no antagonist in the drama, I was totally wrong and right I guess, about it.

Park Joong Won, the antagonist

The antagonist was the old adviser named Park Joong Won, of the young king. But he’s not really that kind of antagonist as he lived in the past. But, how about his reincarnation?

Park Joong Won, the reincarnation

Let me just say, is it just me or the place is just the same in the “Healer” where Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young starred in? –Kinda familiar

Paju scene 'Goblin'

I actually cried in this scene. Talking about best friend and family. Kim Go Eun got me crying around one minute.

Kim Go Eun crying

The ocean scene is a great art! Cinematography at its finest!

Ocean scene

ocean scene part 2

And when I mentioned this episode is mostly focused on the budding romance of the grim reaper and Sunny. This episode also showed their breakup scene. And, the goblin actually knew it when she first saw Sunny way back in the episode 9. Every scene made sense. I need to be keener now.

Another great cinematography display. Plus, it’s a witty idea to split screen in a very natural and artistic way. Grim Reaper thinking about Sunny and her past life divided by the laundry show’s glass. Witty people!

Grim Reaper, Sunny

It’s great to enjoy your alcohol when you’re confident that you have a goblin boyfriend says Eun Tak.

Ji Eun Tak enjoying her soju while goblin is busy fighting thugs outside

This episode featured the goblin and Ji Eun Tak’s second kiss. With the slow motion plus perfect music bed. How romantic and cute!

Sweet alcohol kiss by Ji Eun Tak and the goblin

They looked so cool ever since episode 1, Ji Eun Tak.

cool ahjussis

Presented in a serious manner but it’s totally hilarious. Modelling scene from these two gorgeous guys who brought green onions from the market.

Cool Ahjussis fresh from the market

Happy new year from this two!

Grim Reaper and the Goblin greets you a happy new year!

These two oppas are just too cute. Bromance is real!

Grim Reaper and Goblin holding hands

Appreciation for Gong Yoo eating a sweet potato. (Me: Saliva’s coming out my mouth)

Can a sweet potato be so lucky?

How can they find scene like this? Like it’s totally artistic and witty! A doctor just died and before he forgets his memories, grim reaper asked him some advice about his problems.

Grim Reaper having a consultation at his tea office

Also, the drama states what is real in this world. We can reflect on it too. (Doctor’s memories will be lost too.)

education quotes 101

education quotes from Goblin

Goblin’s gonna lose his another loyal servant again.

Goblin's loyal servant

The last scene talked about Grim Reaper sharing about Sunny’s past life. And the two finally confirmed it!

Meanwhile, a spoiler for the next episode...

Lee Dong Wook as the king

“Goblin” is totally a daebak story with superb acting from stellar casts plus perfect music. How else can we appreciate this drama? tvN’s drama is definitely worth all the hype!

What are your thoughts for “Goblin” Episode 10? Share it in the comment sections.