‘Goblin’ Episode 12 Review: Deok Hwa Almighty; Siblings And Enemies Reunite; Goodbye Goblin-Grim Reaper’s ‘Bromance’

(Notes: Watch out for spoilers! I'm not a Kdrama review expert. I'm just a fangirl who want to express the Kdrama feels. Thanks! )

“Goblin” never failed to amaze me every new episode and with this episode 12, it has fully fleshed out to the viewers what needs to be revealed.

As usual, “Goblin” is still making all the noise in social media with its outstanding plot, musical scoring and cinematography. It has been very consistent with its highest ratings as well.

The Grim Reaper was all melancholic after revealing his true identity to Sunny. In this very dramatic scene and supposed to be serious, it’s kind of witty to include the scene where Goblin heats the egg while Grim Reaper freezes the beer for them to consume while talking. Totally breaks the ice!

Just to immortal drinking beer and eating eggs

What is the content of this letter, then?

I’m curious enough to know what was the letter was all about since it was revealed that it’s not a love letter just as what Deok Hwa shared with Eun Tak.

Goblin Couple

Meanwhile, here’s the big deal but I think not so, because fans were all talking about Yoo Deok Hwa being a deity and now it was revealed in a short span. Ugh! Should I say it’s short and sweet? Because the musical scoring plus the video editing on how it was presented is very good. But, it was relieving as it was already revealed that Yoo Deok Hwa, sometimes is the deity. It was revealed he is the ‘almighty’ this two old immortals are praying for. But let me clear this, he was just possessed by the 'almighty' in here, okay? 

Watch the scene in the video below. Daebak cinematography! Just wow!​

So, moving forward, I noticed that Ji Eun Tak and Sunny’s favorite bonding spot, aside from the chicken shop is the sweet potato stall outside. I also love how this two characters are going closer as before.

Just two beautiful immortals enjoying sweet potatos

I’m quite unsure how important that woman grim reaper is in the story as she was seen with the villan Park Jong Woon. It was then later revealed she was one of the young king’s servant. But, let’s just leave this since I’m still waiting for more answers for the next episodes.

The chairman and loyal servant of the goblin, Kim Shin was revealed to be on his end as the grim reaper got a death card with Chairman Yoo’s name.

He;s sad, I'm sad too 🙁

In this particular scene, I love how this drama presented the goblin as a powerless immortal and finally showed to the audience how it is hard for him to experience death of a loved one. There’s a scene where he is crying aloud alone in his bed while his bride is watching him. Hello! I can hug him right there, you poor goblin! Huhu

Let me commend the scene where he wrote something about the Chairman, the scene, how it was delivered and the musical scoring. Totally nailed it! And then there’s this quote about living by Ji Eun Tak.  Play the video for the song, adding for your KDRAMA feels.

How to live life and move one according to the goblin's bride

How cute it is to see this one person and two immortals tried to comfort Deok Hwa after his grandfather passed away.

Sweet samchon

one person and two immortals trying to comfort the almighty

And oh, his transition to the young brat to someone who will take responsibilities. Such a handsome man! Oh, right where is the almighty?

And there there’s this bromance scene of Grim Reaper and Goblin which mostly happens in the dining table or the kitchen. Kim Shin also sees the young king in Grim Reaper’s face. Well, you’re right dude!

The cooking goblin and jealous grim reaper

Our young Ji Eun Tak’s first day in college started so sweet. If I have a Goblin boyfriend, I will ask a kiss too on my first day. Haha! But instead she was given a necklace. I have a feeling that it will still be Goblin who she will be meeting in Quebec’s restaurant but of course, they will still need to go through a lot as expected.

Necklace which means FATE ordained by the sky

Another scene to prove Goblin’s misery living for nearly 1,000 years is his longing for every reincarnation of his previous trusted and most-loved people. Let me commend the entrance of Gong Yoo here, those footsteps, the musical scoring symbolizing he was something. Daebak! It was revealed his loyal companion and servant a long time ago was applying for an interview in their company and of course, Kim Shin being grateful, he grant him the job plus a house and a car saying he saved the country in his past life. This scene totally touched me as I can reflect how our god can be so generous when we feel we don’t deserve this and that in our life but he still give us what is due for us according to his kindness and generosity.

Finally, a short quick sweet moment of Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin. Let me just say this, I don't understand why some people can't appreciate Eun Tak's role in the drama. For me, she is just right for the role and I commend the writer for adding her up because it would make the drama more interesting than a story of three old people entangled with their past lives. She maybe just appeared for quite few scenes in this episode but her presence is what makes the goblin more of still human even if he is an immortal and she keeps him company plus their chemistry is really so good despite the age gap.

pouting goblin

I just love how shy Goblin was when Eun Tak left him with a kiss. Cutie goblin!

So, aside from all this romantic scene, the familiar evil comes back again telling Eun Tak that the Grim Reaper is the king who caused Kim Shin his death and current punishment. He even revealed he wanted nothing but the demise of the two. So evil!

And oh, grim reaper is so comfortable with Eun Tak.

And then, here is the confrontation of Sunny and Grim Reaper where he revealed her of her past life and she also remembered that grim reaper was the king but haven’t told him about it.

The scene following this seemed cut off or the sequence is not in order, perhaps? It was shown that finally Sunny accepted that her brother is Kim Shin and was so all loving with him. The next scene is about Ji Eun Tak not seeing the ghost. What could that mean? There’s more to wait in the next episodes. And then, it was revealed that the goblin is not that almighty because he CANNOT kill the deceased soul of Park Jong Woon. But the reason was not yet revealed. And upon hearing and knowing that grim reaper is Wang Yeo, Kim Shin rushed back to her sister wherein it looks like they never had an emotional meeting a while ago. He said up until now, her sister is protecting the fool, which he referred the king.

And on this last scene, the funny and sweet Kim Shin went away as his cold, revengeful identity comes back upon knowing grim reaper is the king who caused him his misery. Bromance, annyeong (goodbye)?

Goodbye 'Bromance'? (Twitter)

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