Goblin Episode 13 Review: Deep Bromance, Sismance and Goblin’s Death

Goblin Episode 13 / tvN screenshot
(Notes: Watch out for spoilers! I'm not a Kdrama review expert. I'm just a fangirl who want to express the Kdrama feels. Thanks! )

I can say that this episode is beautifully crafted and I was so overwhelmed with my emotions within the long one-hour period. How can I move on?

Note: Goblin will be airing only one episode for this week and a special episode will be aired on January 20, Friday .The last two episodes will be aired back-to-back on Saturday, January 21 on tvN.

So, it all started when Goblin learned that Grim Reaper was in fact, the young foolish king who was to blame for his 900-year misery.

After few episodes showing of bromance, this time, the two, especially Kim Shin is very different and cold towards Grim Reaper. But it felt like he was holding back in taking any action or revenge towards the Grim Reaper because of their deep bond.

Instead of killing him, Goblin decided to leave his house together with Ji Eun Tak to go to Chairman Yu’s house, where Deok Hwa lives.

This episode, I only saw few scenes with Deok Hwa in it. Despite that, his appearance one time as the god was replayed in one of Goblin’s thoughts.

Instead of living together with his husband, the goblin’s bride Eun Tak decided to stay for the meantime in Kim Shin’s sister’s house. She said she wanted to comfort her. Awwwe! The sismance of the two continued.

In this episode, Ji Eun Tak and Sunny’s closeness is also one of the focused. So, they drank soju together, they put up a conversation where you see that there’s nothing bothering in between them. Their bond deepens as they get to know the mystery surrounding them.

Fast forward, there is a scene where Grim Reaper called (I don’t know if it’s really Deok Hwa’s phone or he is just acting he miscalled goblin.) Kim Shin and then there were no words but you can really sense that they miss each other so much. In fact, Kim Shin has those flashback memories of them together laughing, cooking together and all the bromance they did in the previous episode.

And since Grim Reaper violated some rules against the “Reaper’s Society” or something, he was granted a punishment of remembering his 600 years of sins and so there, he confirmed that he is Wang Yeo, the foolish young king who killed his wife, faithful servant and a lot of people.

In one of the flashbacks, Samshin was seen in Goryeo era where she asked the king to give her the ring instead as this might be useful in the future, according to her. The king was seen killed himself by drinking decoction, I believe it has poison and he knows it.

And then while chatting with Sunny, Ji Eun Tak saw Park Joong Won trying to kill Sunny but then they avoided it but somehow, Eun Tak’s tattoo faded in which it was revealed that it was Park Joong Won’s plan in order to kill the Goblin with his own hands.

Question: What is the difference of the sword the Goblin is using and the sword in his heart? Are the swords different? I guess so because when he grabbed the sword in his chest, it’s the one that killed Park Joong Won.

So before the sad scene, the writer was really really really good in building up the emotions. It was so witty to have them enjoy a sweet and short romantic getaway plus the audience, like me really love it and I did even giggled with excitement without knowing that all of those must be cut short right away!

I actually love how Kim Go Eun portrays her character. It’s really suitable for her. She’s cute and her chemistry with Gong Yoo is too much for a fan girl like me can handle, for short, I want them to date. Kidding aside, the kiss before he knew he would be killed after a short while, was really really sincere and the emotions put on it are very accurate like Daebak!

The kissing scene, the twist where Ji Eun Tak revealed why of all the years, it’s only now that the villain Park Joong Won showed his face, The buildup of the emotions, the storyline, just wow!

I also want to reiterate that the cinematography in this episode is very good. AGAIN. The first scene where Kim Shin went the stairs plus the flashback. The next one is Sunny waiting for the grim reaper and then transition to grim reaper in the same position. The zoom ins. Oh my God! I love this drama.

I also loved and hate but loved again the musical scoring. Because of those background music, I cried my heart out especially on the last part of the episode.

How great the production team, casts and crew for this one-of-a-kind and beautiful drama series. My adjectives are really not enough to describe how I appreciated everything in the drama. It is really beautifully crafted!

So, since they will frustrate me and the rest of the KDrama goers because they won’t be airing the episodes until next week, I will re-watch everything from Episode 1 then. HAHAHAHA!

I just can’t use anymore words to express. I hope in the last two episodes, they won’t fail me as my hopes are higher compared to other dramas I have been watching and I hope for more Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na and Kim Go Eun’s drama after this.

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