Goblin Korean Drama Episode 14 Review: Kim Shin and Grim Reaper’s Bromance is Back! Flirty Goblin to Ji Eun Tak & Upcoming ‘Goblin’ Babies?


(Notes: Watch out for spoilers! I'm not a Kdrama review expert. I'm just a fangirl who want to express the Kdrama feels. Thanks! )

Here comes the episode 14 after long days of waiting. It did answer the questions of the viewer as to what happened to Kim Shin after turning into ashes and what happened to Ji Eun Tak and the rest of the gang. So, let’s go through it one by one.

Let me commend again the production crew and staff for giving us a daebak special effects and cinematography. I lost my count to the scenes which are really products of art by the cinematographer. Totally nailed it!

The episode started where the episode 13 left off. Kim Shin turned into ashes after pulling out the sword from his chest to kill Park Joong Heon. And again, it made me teared up for this such emotional scene. Kim Go Eun did her best for portraying the hopeful and longing bride who does not want to let go her boyfriend , Kim Shin.

And upon knowing she might forget everything, she wrote a letter to herself saying, “You should remember. You are his bride.”

So the question as to what happens next to the Goblin after turning into ashes is answered next. It happened that he stayed in between life and afterlife, he is in between that place where even the Almighty is not around. He was wandering in the land full of snow. One thing that is noted is that he dressed as the general Kim Shin in his past life plus he holds dearly the contract he and Ji Eun Tak agreed on before.

I have a question though. It was stated before that if the goblin’s bride pulls out the sword, he will turn into ashes and be at peace. However, I do not understand yet as to why he was left in that place we called “purgatory” right? It was not explained well I believe or is it I who’s not paying attention?

The next question: What happened to Ji Eun Tak and the rest? Anyways, it was then revealed that nine years have passed and everyone has go on with their lives noting that they forget everything about Kim Shin for their own peace.

It was revealed that Ji Eun Tak lost her ability to see ghosts.

After nine years, Ji Eun Tak was revealed to be a radio producer. She is still keeping in touch with Sunny who has a successful chichen shop now and she also keeps in touch with her former class president, who is already a lawyer. Yu Deok Hwa is already an assistant manager to their company while Grim Reaper is still as is. It was revealed that only the Grim Reaper has not forgotten about Goblin and he is the one who helped Goblin to regain his identity, credit card and home.

Oh! I forgot to mention how their lovely bromance rekindled again. It's an emotional scene where Grim Reaper asks forgiveness for all his sins against Kim Shin. And I also love how they throw puns and the scene where Kim Shin asks for money and all. It's kinda sad to see this because as an avid fan, I know this Goblin Korean drama series is soon to end.​

When Ji Eun Tak was blowing a candle from her cake (I don’t even know if it’s her birthday because it was not emphasized), her power to summon the Goblin has comeback. I have read some theories that maybe it was only after nine years, she could do that as Grim Reaper previously told Ji Eun Tak that usually after nine years, some unusual events happen.

So, when Kim Shin appeared she did not recognized him but she cried when she saw him.

There, their cute and wholesome flirting started as Goblin starts to win back Ji Eun Tak even though she does not remember him except for the notes she wrote and the necklace “Destin” she’s wearing.

The letter written by Ji Eun Tak herself from Canada had come. Goblin told Grim Reaper he could use that as an excuse to give it to Sunny and hand it over to Ji Eun Tak.

I hate to see my ship is not sailing. Grim Reaper and Sunny should have a happy ending too, writer-nim.

Let me just say that the 29-year-old Ji Eun Tak is so gorgeous and that her childish actions were all gone. I miss her cute, childish acts before but I know this might be better.

I feel like this episode was kind of dragging and they extend it as much as possible but it has just answered the questions of the viewers wanting to know what happens next to Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin after the emotional scene last episode. Still hoping for a good finale!

One thing that excites me for next episode is the possibility of Goblin babies, yes?

What are your thoughts for “Goblin” Korean Drama Episode 14? Share it in the comment sections.

(Credits to tvN, screenshots)