Hello Venus Set To Comeback With Mini Album On January 11

Hello Venus Girl Group / Evan Clark (Flickr)

Brace yourselves, fan girls and boys as the South Korean girl group Hello Venus is set to comeback early next year!

Just days before their official comeback, their label, Fantagio Music recently confirmed the ladies’ return on music scene.

“Hello Venus is in the middle of preparing for their comeback, which is aimed for release in the second week of January,” the agency confirmed on December 14. “Their comeback will be in the form of a mini album release. The recording of the new single has been completed, and the album jacket shoot has also finished.”

Moreover, fans can expect Seo Kang Joon to appear in upcoming music video of the girl group.

"Seo Kang Jun will be appearing in the MV of Hello Venus, which plans to make a comeback in January. The format is not that of a drama. Seo Kang Jun and all of Hello Venus will appear. The filming is planned for next week,” Fantagio Music shared.

To recall, it was on July 2015 when Hello Venus released a mini album.

For now, Hello Venus is reported to be finishing their album jacket, music video and half of the album for their much-anticipated comeback in January 11, 2017.

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