Hwarang Episode 13 Preview: A New Character Coming- To Make or Break Hwarangs?

Park Hyung Sik on Hwarang

On upcoming episode of “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,” a new character will be introduced in the historical drama series. Will he make or break our youthful and beautiful warriors?

In the last episode, it was known that the true king has been lingering around the capital in disguise as Hwarang. Park Seo Joon’s Sun Woo has been making his calculations as who he thinks is the king. In the last scene, it was revealed that Park Hyung Sik’s Ji Dwi was the one he thinks as the king putting his sword and asking him if he is the true king.

To reveal, he swears to kill the king in memory of his best friend Mak Moon’s death.

Going back to the preview, a new character is set to come in. However, we will only know if he will be one against Hwarangs or will he come to protect them.

It was also revealed that Princess Suk Myeong (Seo Ye Ji) has come forward to teach Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon). We will know why she does this in the upcoming episode.

So many things to look forward for the next episode! Can’t wait for Hwarang Episode 13!