Hwarang Episode 15 Spoilers: Do Ji Han’s Ban Ryu Betrays The Hwarangs?


If we all recall on episode 14, the small group from Silla composed of Princess Sukmyeong (Seo Ye Ji), her servants, Ah Ro (Go Ara) , Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon), Ji Dwi (Park Hyung Sik), Soo Ho (Choi Min Ho) and Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) were sent to Baekje for amnity. However, one of them has a different motive for joining.

Ban Ryu was revealed to be tasked by his adoptive father, the highest official of Silla, Park Yeong Shil (Kim Chang Wan) to deliver a letter to the Baekje’s Crown Prince (Kim Min Joon). It turns out that the letter contains information that among the Hwarangs sent by the Queen Regent of Silla, is the faceless king.

And it was also revealed on the last episode, that for the sake of protecting Ah Ro and his friendship with Ji Dwi and Soo Ho as well as Ban Ryu (as they are Hwarangs), Sun Woo screamed out revealing he is the king of Silla.

This move caught off guard Ji Dwi, who was already gaining his courage to yell out his true identity and (I am sure) the audiences of the drama, as well as this was unexpected. However, some speculate that Sun Woo is also a prince thus he is also a valid candidate to become king.

On the preview released, seems like the group will go back to Silla when they were suddenly attacked by whether Baekje’s soldier or Master Young Shil’s servants. With this comes a question. Will Ban Ryu still follow his adoptive father’s plan to let him sit on the throne and go against Hwarangs or will he forgot and leave everything to fight with the Hwarangs against the evil plans of his adoptive father?

Watch the Episode 15 preview of Hwarang below​:

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