Hwarang Episode 16 Preview and Spoilers: Park Hyung Sik’s King Jinheung in Danger?

Hwarang Episode 16

Hwarang (Hwarang: The Poet Youth Warrior Youth) has continuously added more interesting plot twists and turns to the episodes. And on the upcoming episode 16, it seems like King Jinheung will be in danger.

Viewers can recall that Master Young Shil is always after the faceless king, wanting him to be dead so that Ban Ryu can take over the throne. And on the upcoming episode 16 of Hwarang, after knowing his plans were a mess, he hired assassins to kill the faceless king.

But, most of the people knew that Park Seo Joon’s Sun Woo is King Jinheung so he might be the one they are targeting and not Park Hyung Sik’s Ji Dwi.

According to the preview released, intense conflict between Ji Dwi and Sun Woo is going to happen as Sun Woo insisted to kill the king. It is because he always strive to get revenge for his friend’s death.

And now that Ji Dwi knew about Ah Ro and Sun Woo’s romance, what will he do? Moreover, since Sun Woo came back alive from Baekje, will he be announced by Queen Ji Soo as the King of Silla? Will Ban Ryu still let his adoptive father do his cruel plans? Will he be a foe or a friend?

We will get to know the answers on Hwarang Episode 16 which airs tonight on KBS2. Watch the show preview of Episode 16 below: