Hwarang Episode 17 Spoilers: Park Seo Joon Torn Between Go Ara and Seo Ye Ji?

Hwarang Episode 17 Spoilers

Now that there are only four episodes left before the end, “Hwarang” (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth) has become a lot more interesting. And on “Hwarang” Episode 17, it looks like Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) will be torn between Ah Ro ( Go Ara) and Princess Sukmyeong (Seo Ye Ji).

On the first scene of the episode 17 preview of Hwarang, Sun Woo is ill and Princess Sukmyeong attends to him but it turns out the princess kissed him. At the back of the picture, Ah Ro was just staring at them. What will happen with Ah Ro and Sun Woo’s romance?

Moreover, it looks like the princess got into an argument with Ah Ro accusing her of being greedy. Is the princess referring to Ah Ro being protected and loved by Sun Woo and Ji Dwi (Park Hyung Sik.)

In addition, several scenes will be a lot more interesting as it looks like Park Hyung Sik will finally claim the throne of King Jinheung. To recall on episode 16, he grabbed Master Young Shil and introduced himself as King Jinheung, the faceless king.

The Queen Mother looks like can’t even control the happening as Ji Dwi is finally stepping up for his throne.

However, one thing I am interested about is what Mast Hwi Kyung is referring to.

“You started it Ji Soo,” Master Hwi Kyung said angrily towards the Queen Mother in which it seemed she was affected.

Is this about the Queen Mother’s secret? Is it about Sun Woo’s identity?

I just want to take Park Yeong Shil away as he is making Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) into a traitor Hwarang. I hope he changes his mind and just fight back against his adoptive father.

Let’s wait for Hwarang Episode 17 next Monday, February 13. Watch the preview below: