Ice-Fishing Festival Starts With Lamp Lighting

Hwacheon Ice Festival

Hwacheon ice festival by Christopher John SSF , CC By 2.0

In the northeastern town of Hwacheon, the official countdown to annual ice-fishing festival has been held by lighting ten thousands fish-shaped lamps.

Choi Moon Soon, the head of Hwacheon County initiated the ceremony on Saturday, December 24 lighting 27,000 lamps in the shape of sancheoneo, a type of mountain trout.

The number of lamps being lit are reported to be the total number of Hwacheon’s population and that the elderly people made the sancheoneo-shaped lamps to illuminate the streets of the town until the end of February 2017.

The town also opened a plaza which featured about 30 ice sculptures, which is considered as the largest indoor exhibit in the whole world. The said plaza will be open for the public until February 12, 2017.

"We have made preparations to make the lamp-lit street more impressive than ever to create a festive mood," said Choi. "All efforts are being made to ensure the success of the upcoming ice-fishing festival."

The 2017 Sancheoneo Festival will be starting on January 7 until the next twenty-three days. The event shall offer variety of programs including sleigh riding and ice fishing which are expected to attract more than one million visitors.