Introverted Boss Korean Drama Series Episode 1: The Shy Boss and the Extroverted Leading Lady

Introverted Boss Drama

tvN’s newest drama airing on its Monday and Tuesday slot is “Introverted Boss” starring Yeon Woo Jin and Park Hye Soo.

On it’s first episode, only little things have been revealed to the audience. The whole episode mostly showed the viewers how shy the main lead in this drama.

With the first episode, we can say that it has just justified the drama’s title, “Introverted Boss.” It has truly showed the boss is shy to the extent that many people accuse him of being bad, psychopath and any negative comments.

The male lead was introduced as someone who does associate with people except the Director of Brain Pr, Kang Woo Il, portrayed by Yoon Park, and his family (mother, father and sister.)

Yeon Woo Jin’s Eun Hwan Ki was revealed to have a huge crush on a backup theatre actress named Chae Ro Woon,portrayed by Park Hye Soo.

It was not yet revealed as to why he has a crush on someone who’ not playing the lead role though he was asked several times by Kang Woo Il. I bet maybe he likes her because he is not used to the main spotlight too.

The female lead Chae Ro Woon is not some damsel in distress as she was introduced as someone with so much energy and social skills. I don’t know but she’s kinda annoying for me. She’s always making trouble and it does not make sense for me when she just barged in the CEO’s office and made fuss about I don’t know with her. But, I will give her a chance to please me for the next episodes.

There’s nothing much to expect for the next episode except for the fact about the incident happened three years ago. It was revealed already that it was Chae Ro Woon’s sister and that the CEO was the culprit.

Well, let’s see what happens in the next episode.

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​Image credits to tvN