IU Diet: Kpop Singer’s Guide To Losing Weight Faster

This diet is for extreme measures. IU still recommends eating healthy and partnering it with exercise.

IU diet kpop singers guide to losing weight faster

IU diet is now trending on search portals. Here's why!

Lee Ji Eun or famously known as IU is one of the best South Korean solo singers of this generation. With this, everyone is looking up to her and even want to follow her footsteps. Others even want to know how she kept her nice body figure despite her busy schedules.

IU Diet Secret Revealed:

IU diet before
"IU performing "Boo" on October 29, 2009" by 와사비콘텐츠 (CC BY 4.0)

Everyone knows that IU is not as fit as what she is now compared to the past. She used to have baby fats. But on one of her interviews in 2013, she revealed what she did in order to lose 4 kilos in just 4 days. 

She mentioned that she went on a diet for her comeback and that diet involves eating one apple for breakfast, sweet potatoes for lunch and a glass of protein drink for her dinner and she included one hour of aerobic exercise.

She then later said that this diet is just for extreme measures and that she is no longer doing it.

IU diet plan

In one of the video interview, she did for her song “The Red Shoes” in 2013. She revealed that in order to have a fit and healthy body, one should know the right kind and amount of food to consume along with working out.

IU diet after

Right now, IU is still watching her health and body figure by exercising. She is fond of doing yoga or aerobic exercises.


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