Is Ji Chang Wook Dating ‘The Suspicious Partner’ Co-star Nam Ji Hyun?

Ji Chang Wook Dating Nam Ji Hyun

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who is in the drama "Melting Me Softly," has been rumored to be dating back in the past, and has become a topic of conversation among Internet users.

In SBS drama "The Suspicious Partner," which aired in 2017, Ji had been with actress Nam Ji Hyun as a partner. The two together showed a lovely couple chemistry on each other's SNS accounts. The two of them had a unique chemistry.

"I just worked hard. The rumors of a romantic relationship are groundless," Ji Chang Wook said, denying the claim.

Since the end of the drama "The Suspicious Partner," Ji joined the military in August of the same year.

Since then, he has served in the military for the first time in more than one year and eight months. In his return project after serving in the military, Ji plays the role of Ma Dong Chan, a star entertainment PD who wakes up 20 years after in "Melting Me Softly".