Here’s what we will miss when Ji Chang Wook enlists for military service

I will miss my number one oppa!

Ji Chang Wook
credits to jichangwook (Instagram)

Ji Chang Wook reportedly confirmed his military enlistment this year. In a report by AllKpop, the actor even shared he will be holding his 10th anniversary concert before heading to serve in the military.

Fans of the “Suspicious Partner” actor were noted to be saddened about the issue but they reportedly stated they will continue rooting for the actor and wait for him until he can go back to South Korea entertainment industry. Two years of waiting is just easy right? (crying in Korean)

Here at Kfanatics, we list down reasons why we can’t let go Ji Chang Wook easily. These reasons are also the things we will miss from our favorite actor!

1.His genuine smile for his fans

2.His care and love for his mother

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3.His superb acting

4.His kissing scenes (wish you were the leading-lady)

5.His style

Musical "그날들" coming soon!!! #두둥 #폭풍업뎃

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6.His motorcycle skills

7.His dancing

8.Him and just him.