Ji Chang Wook Fans from Philippines Celebrate Actor’s Birthday with an Event

Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook might be serving actively in military right now but his Filipino fans continued to show their love and support for the actor, especially on his 32nd birthday (in Korean age).

On Thursday, July 5, 2018 the admins of Ji Chang Wook Philippines with the help of the actor’s fans from all over the Philippines prepared a huge birthday greeting led ad in Mall of Asia GlobAmaze. The led ad ran on July 5 from 6pm to 12mn.

The admins of Ji Chang Wook Philippines also gave out freebies to all Wookie’s fans who came and witnessed the led ad in action. Also, Ji Chang Wook’s friends appreciate the event prepared by the fans of Ji Chang Wook in the Philippines and even liked the Instagram post of the page where the led ad was introduced.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook wrote a letter to thank his fans for all the birthday wishes he had received.

“Even in the military, I have received many birthday wishes from fans.Thank you very much,” the actor said in his letter.

Ji Chang Wook also recently participated in a musical produced by the Ministry of Defense.