From Ji Chang Wook to Kang Ha Neul in the military

From Ji Chang Wook to Kang Ha Neul in the military

"Entertainment Night," introduces the military service culture of stars who have changed from the past.

SBS' "Entertainment Night," which will air today (11th) will shed light on the musical "Shinheung Military Academy."

The musical "Shinheung Military Academy" which surpassed numerous musicals to become the top-grossing recently, is a performance organized by the Army headquarters. Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, SHINee Onew, INFINITE SungGyu and 2AM Jo Kwon have made headlines for their casting.

In response, a meeting with a production company official from the musical "Shinheung Military Academy" and listened to the behind-the-scenes story of the cast. He mentioned actor Kang Ha Neul as the most impressive actor in the audition, saying, " We auditioned like any other musical, and the actors were chosen after rigorous screening." "We kept trying to show something until we told them to stop, so it seemed like he thought, 'I'll never give up."'

When asked about the lavish cast's fee, he thanked the Army headquarters but saying "I'm so sorry, but it was replaced by a military salary." He also added that the practice efficiency was the best, citing the advantages of all the actors starring were the soldiers, "In a practice room, no one is leaving until it was over."

Meanwhile, SBS's "Entertainment Night" airs every Tuesday at 8:55 PM.