Here’s What Ji Chang Wook Wants to Say to His Fans While He is in Military

Ji Chang Wook military

“Honey, don’t cheat on me!” Ji Chang Wook warns his fans in his last official show before his military enlistment on August 14.

“I named this show a Goodbye Proposal, because I’d like to ask you guys to wait for my return. I’ll do anything you ask today, but I can’t show you my abs or not go to the military,” Ji Chang Wook started off on his live show. He added that he is a shy person but since it would be the last time to meet his fans, he will do his best for them.

Apparently during the show, Ji Chang Wook fulfilled the request of a male fan for Ji Chang Wook to call the name of his girlfriend, who was an avid fan of the actor.


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Meanwhile, the actor picked three dramas he recommended to his fans. He requested them to watch these dramas while he is away (in the army).

He recommended “Suspicious Partner,” “Empress Ki” and “Healer.”

According to him, “Suspicious Partner” is his first romantic comedy series and that if the fans miss him, they could watch it. He also revealed that the drama makes him want to love and date.

“I had so much fun filming this. This 50-episode-long drama will take you a long time to watch. King Ta Hwan is a colorful character with a spectrum of personalities that ranges from childlike to insane,” Ji Chang Wook explained about “Empress Ki.”

“This is a well-written drama. I looked so cool from the beginning to the end. The fans liked it too,” he added regarding his “Healer” drama which he co-starred with Park Min Young.

At the end of his live show, Ji Chang Wook said: “I’ll pray for your happiness. If it’d cheer you up, I’ll film more of great dramas [when I come back]. Please look forward to my return.”