Ji Chang Wook’s Fans From Philippines Raise Funds in Actor’s Name

Ji Chang Wook Philippines fans fund raise

Devotion and passion are not the only qualities of a true Ji Chang Wook fan – compassion is also on display as the fans of the actor from the Philippines become more involved in various charity activities for the sake of their love for the South Korean actor.

Ji Chang Wook Philippines fans' fundraise

In October, Ji Chang Wook’s Philippine fan base laid out their plans to donate to children with cancer. The admins of the actor’s fan base approached The Cancer Institute Foundation, Inc. and expressed interest in supporting children with cancer.

With gratitude and hope, the hospital advised the team to choose one child wherein they could help him his medication and treatment. Later on, the PGH referred a child who is going through treatment and medication because of his Ewing’s sarcoma. The child has a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the soft tissue or bone.

The fans then started to release a “Wear your pride” campaign wherein they sell shirts and the income earned was saved for the donation. Some fans also donated cash in order to

Ji Chang Wook’s Philippines said that the amount needed in order to help the child is quite big but they are hoping for a positive result.  Aside from wanting to help others, the Ji Chang Wook Philippines fans hoped to inspire others to become a “fan with a heart.”

The fans are encouraged to give what they can afford. Some fans already donated and some even helped to sell the “Wear your pride” campaign t-shirts.

The funds raised will be given soon once it will be settled.

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