Ji Chang Wook Philippines Want You To Save with this Ipon Challenge

Ji Chang Wook Philippines ipon challenge

Ji Chang Wook as piggy bank? Say no more!

Ji Chang Wook will be discharged from military service on April 27 so fans from the Philippines are already gearing up in order to see him soon with this unique ipon challenge Ji Chang Wook merchandise, a piggy bank.

The Ji Chang Wook alkansya (piggy bank) features the word “Are you ready?” with Ji Chang Wook’s face and the fan club's logo. Fans can save up to 20,000 by following how many Philippine bills written on it. They can mark it as they save that money in the Ji Chang Wook alkansya.

There has been no official announcement whether the famous South Korean actor will have a fan meeting in the Philippines but the fan club is encouraging Filipino fans to start saving money so when an opportunity comes, they can always attend and see Ji Chang Wook personally.

This ipon challenge is not just for the fans to see Ji Chang Wook but they can also save for whatever purpose. The admins of Ji Chang Wook Philippines hope that using the merchandise, fans will learn how to save for important things.

If you want to order this merchandise, please feel free to message the admins of Ji Chang Wook Philippines or follow the page below: