Ji Chang Wook Talks About His Acting Career

Ji Chang Wook
credits to jichangwook (Instagram)

Ji Chang Wook will be the cover for Marie Claire February 2017 issue. In one of his interviews for the magazine, he opened up about his acting career.

"There are a lot of times when I feel painful, but I experience catharsis when I agree in tone with another actor and stand on stage. I'm also always sincere when acting,” the 29-year-old actor shared.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently starring on new movie titled “Fabricated City” which is set to release on Korean cinema theatres sometime in February 2017.

Aside from Ji Chang Wook, Sim Eun Kyeong, Ahn Jae Hong, Kim Sang Ho, Kim Gi Cheon and Oh Jeong Se will star in the movie. The film is directed by Park Kwang Hyeon.

Ji Chang Wook’s “Fabricated City” revolves around the story of a man who was framed for murder and his struggles to uncover the truth to clear his name.