Jo Jung Suk Teases New Drama Hopes to Get More than 20 Percent Ratings

Jo Jung Suk

After his successful drama project “Jealousy Incarnate,” Jo Jung Suk’s fans are excited to see him in a new series in which the actor revealed that he will return to the small screen before the year ends.

The 36-year-old actor played the role of Lee Hwa Shin in his previous SBS drama series. This time, he confirmed that he is currently looking into a new script for a new role which will appear before this year ends.

Jo Jung Suk recently held his first fan meeting on May 7 at the Blue Sqaure Samsung Card Hall. The actor admitted to be overwhelmed by his own feelings and excitement as this was his first even fan meeting.

“This is the first fan meetings I’ve held in my entire life. The first one was yesterday, and I found myself tearing up in front of the cake. I’ve seen so many stars do it and I was finally doing it myself,” Jung Suk stated.

When he was asked by the interviewer about being an actor, the actor replied that he believed that he was born to be in acting field. He also added that in order to become one, he needs to be confident, do his best and stay good in everything he does.

The actor also added that there are times he felt very awkward and inferior but he struggled in order to overcome his weaknesses.

With regards to his new drama which will be confirmed before this year ends, the actor hopes fans will get to see him do another job he loves doing and even asked his fans to love the projects he is on.

“I’m also looking into doing another drama at the end of the year. Nothing’s decided yet, but I’m looking over scripts. I hope my next drama gets more than 20 percent in ratings,” Jo Jung Suk shyly added.