Jung Hae In’s Ideal Type Revealed

Jung Hae In ideal type

While Jung Hae In is still single, people are interested to know what type of a woman’s personality makes it attractive to him. Jung Hae In’s ideal type was revealed when he was shooting the fan-favorite series “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.

According to the famous actor, a quiet woman who knows when to speak about something that needs to be addressed is attractive for him. He added that a woman who is able to speak her mind is her ideal type.

Aside from that, Jung Hae In added that the woman needs to be true to her self, especially to her emotions.

“I like someone who can be honest to her own emotions. My ideal type is not someone who hides her feelings and says she’s okay. I want them to tell me if she hates something or if she likes something, and express her true feelings with courage.”

But, the “One Spring Night” lead actor knew how to set his expectations right. He mentioned that having to lower your point of view a little bit, you may become happier.

Jung Hae In is still single. It can be recalled that the actor was caught up in dating rumors with his “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” co-star Son Ye Jin. Because of their palpable chemistry on the JTBC series, plenty of fans have encouraged and even started rumors that the two were secretly dating. However, both of them denied it. Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin both said that they grew closer as colleagues because of the drama series but they weren’t more than that. As a matter of fact, Jung Hae In recently sent a food truck as a support to his previous co-star, Son Ye Jin in her newest drama “Crash Landing On You” with Hyun Bin.

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In is set to appear as the lead actor on tvN’s newest drama “A Piece of Your Mind” alongside Chae Soo Bin, Lee Hana and Kim Sungkyu. It is slated to be released this March 2020. The romantic comedy series will tackle about the relationship of the recording engineer and an Artificial Intelligence programmer.

Also, Jung Hae In recently tried his variety skills with his own show titled “Jung Hae In’s Travel Log” in KBS wherein he travels to different places to learn their culture and try out some exciting experiences.

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