JYP Entertainment’s CEO Reveals Group Which Earned The Most Profit In 2016, Shares Plans For 2017!

JYP Entertainment/ JYP Entertainment's Official Facebook Page

In a recent report, CEO Jung Wook of JYP Entertainment -one of the ‘Big 3’ entertainment companies in South Korea, revealed the most profitable group under their agency within the year of 2016.

E-Daily interviewed the JYP CEO to find out the details.

"TWICE's 'Cheer Up' ranking first place in the yearly chart symbolizes that JYP Entertainment is properly entering the new stage...TWICE was the first group that we produced after we changed our system,” he revealed.

"This is just the beginning for TWICE. They should stay humble because they still have a long way to go," but he expressed his pride for the group, saying, "As for their achievements, they've done far better than expected...The execution was better than we planned,” the CEO added.

However, in relation to the company’s profit makes for this year, CEO Jung Wook enumerate the most profitable groups by ranking.

"TWICE is in fourth place, following 2PM (#1), Suzy (#2), and GOT7 (#3) in profit...As the company's growth model changes, TWICE has more potential for profit increase."

AllKpop noted that 2PM’s popularity in Japan and their concerts are bringing more profit to the agency.

Meanwhile, the agency also shared its plans for next year.

It can be recalled that the two major groups created by the agency are still very successful: TWICE and GOT7. It has been learned that these two teams will continue to work actively to grow more popularity in Korea.

"Currently, JYP's system is becoming more solid. We still have some anxiety, but we are carefully planning for the next year for TWICE and other artists,” President Jung Wook said.

Miss A’s Suzy will also be launched her first solo debut in January. 2PM members is reported to be making individual promotions until some of the members proceed with their military service.

The agency also shared they still don’t have plans to create a new group for the coming year.