Lee Jong Suk And Lee Sang Yeob’s ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Released

Lee Jong Suk And Lee Sang Yeob

In the new stills released for the upcoming drama series “While You Were Sleeping,” starring Lee Jong Suk and Lee Sang Yeob are noted to be in a tense relationship.

According to Soompi, the two characters played by the two actors are revealed to have known each other since childhood and shared a mysterious and very intense relationship.

“Jae Chan and Yoo Beom’s past is crucial to understanding their current relationship. Look forward to their story, going from student and tutor to prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer," the "While You Were Sleeping" production staff revealed.

"While You Were Sleeping" will start its release on September 27, 2017 on SBS. Meanwhile, watch the full trailers here below: