Here’s Why Fans Thought Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Were Dating

Are Lee Jong Suk and Suzy dating?

Lee Jong Suk Suzy Dating

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy are not dating but fans thought they were.

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy proved their strong chemistry when they starred in the hit SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping.” Apparently, fans thought their chemistry was real on-screen and off-screen, especially when Suzy and her boyfriend, Lee Min Ho announced their breakup.

It can be recalled in 2014 that Lee Jong Suk and the Miss A member had been rumored to be in a relationship.

"A member named B from girl group M is currently dating actor Lee Jong Suk. An entertainment media outlet will be releasing a report on it tomorrow. Member B is Bae Suzy,”a tabloid reportedly shared to Dispatch, as cited by DramaFever.

The rumors were immediately denied by both parties stating that the two never met. However, the two met and shot a chicken advertisement together shortly after the rumors stopped. Three years later, they were paired up as a couple on “While You Were Sleeping.”

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy for a chicken advertisement

Netizens also discussed on Pann how the two actors grew closer, citing that they were more comfortable together, taking pictures together and even sharing tips on how to successfully play Pokemon Go.

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy playing Pokemon Go

“I got shocked, I thought they were actually dating, but I wish they dated,” a fan commented. “They're both prettyㅋㅋWhen you watch the drama, they joke around each other and their chemistry is amazingㅠ On the last episode, where they laid down together looked so naturalㅠㅠ.”

Some fans were even supportive about Lee Jong Suk and Suzy dating and said that since the idol-actress broke up with Lee Min Ho, she can freely date him now.