Lee Sung Kyung Shares Advice on Relieving Stress and It’s So Helpful!

She really knows anything!

Lee Sung Kyung
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Lee Sung Kyung, who starred in the internationally popular drama series titled “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” recently graced Cosmopolitan Korea for photoshoot.

The 26-year-old actress did a short interview with the magazine and shared how she relieves pressure and stress.

She said that she will show her one hundred percent and try her best and if she lacks something, she will admit it.

“If I did not meet people's expectations, I would have to show up again and show up. So I think maybe it will be a reward for those who are disappointed in me,” the actress added.

The actress also revealed her love for singing and stated that when she is stressed or happy, she oftentimes want to sing.

To recall, the young actress have plenty of videos singing while driving. She revealed that since she lives in an apartment, she restrained herself singing there and instead she sings her heart out inside the car.

“The inside of the car is my only karaoke room,” Lee Sung Kyung said while laughing.

The actress also shared what she usually do when she needs a charge or to refresh herself from different stresses in life.

“Take your time alone. It is very necessary for me. When I was living with my family, my schedule ended at dawn, so I was a little tired. I write my diary, I pour out my mind on notes, I sort out my thoughts. It is time for me to be the most comforted,” she revealed.

The model-actress reportedly gained 5 kilos for her recent drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” which was ended in January and she revealed she is starting to lose some of those.

Lee Sung Kyung recently dubbed the voice of Princess Poppy in the “Trolls” Korean-dubbed version which was released last Thursday.