‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ Actress Jun Ji Hyun Shows Fresh Fashion Sense in a Clothing Brand Image

Jun Ji Hyun
YouTube screenshot

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” leading lady Jun Ji Hyun is featured in a new women’s clothing brand Misha.

The actress gives off a fresh fashion sense while wearing a mint color blouse perfected with a mermaid line skirt.

Jun Ji Hyun for Misha

Jun Ji Hyun for Misha (photo grabbed from Ilgan Sports)

The image released by the clothing brand has once again prove the charismatic charm of the 35-year-old famous actress.

Meanwhile, the actress’ fantasy drama series “The Legend of the Blue Sea” recently concluded garnering a viewership ratings of 17.9 percent.

"There were a lot of concerns and worries about playing the new character of a mermaid but I was able to joyfully work due to everyone's support and encouragement. I appreciate the viewers who loved “The Legend of the Blue Sea”. I think it'll be a memorable production to me, as much as it was difficult filming,” the actress said, as cited by AllKpop.

"It was all thanks to the staff members that we were able to complete filming without accidents throughout the 6 months. Thank you and I love you,” the actress continued.

Jun Ji Hyun also promised her fans saying, "I'll work harder to show more of the good sides of me."