Missing 9 Episode 14 & 15 Spoilers/ Preview: Seo Joon Oh Proposes To Ra Bong Hee?

It's almost the end!

Missing 9
Screenshot/ MBC

The truth will always prevail! As “Missing 9” almost come to an end, episode 15 and 16 preview and spoilers revealed that Seo Joon Oh (Jung Kyung Ho) and Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee) will end up together.

After several episodes of being angry with Choi Tae Hoo (Choi Tae Joon) and Vice President Jang Do Pal (Kim Beop Rae) , fans can now take a smile and breath for the upcoming episode as slowly the truth is finally being revealed.

In the last “Missing 9”episode 13 and 14, it was revealed that with their unity, Seo Joon Oh along with Ra Bong Hee, Jung Ki Joon (Oh Jung Se), Ha Ji Ah (Lee Sun Bin), Tae Ho Hang (Tae Hang Ho) and Yoon So Hee’s (Ryu Won) brother Yoon Tae Young (Yang Dong Geun), they can finally reveal the true reason why Shin Jae Hyun died (Yeon Je Wook).

Despite being disguised as a suicide, it turns out that Shin Jae Hyun died because Tae Ho accidentally pushed him against a hard surface while they were fighting. Believing Jae Hyun died, Tae Ho asked help from the Legend Entertainment’s vice-president Jang Do Pal. When Tae Ho was going outside, Jang Do Pal pushed Jae Hyun’s head against the wall causing him his death and then threw him out of the window just as the other artists and staff from the agency arrived.

All of these were revealed on the call recording of Jae Hyun’s girlfriend So Hee.

For the past four years, Seo Joon Oh was pinpointed to be the reason why Jae Hyun killed himself and it caused him his career’s death. However, they unveiled the truth when they were on the island.

On the upcoming episode 15 and 16, some speculate that Seo Joon Oh will propose marriage to Ra Bong Hee. Fans can recall that Joon Oh knelt down (accidentally or intentionally) while giving a gift to Ra Bong Hee.

The end will surely be a happy one. Fans can watch “Missing 9” episode 15 and 16 on Wednesday , March 8 and Thursday, March 9 respectively on MBC.