Missing 9 Korean Drama Review

Missing Nine official poster
Missing Nine official poster (imbc.com)
(Notes: Watch out for spoilers! I'm not a Kdrama review expert. I'm just a fangirl who want to express the Kdrama feels. Thanks! )

Missing Nine Korean Drama Episode 1 Short Review

Credits to MBC

It’s so refreshing to see this genre among the dramas I am currently watching. With just the first episode, let me say that it has established its plot and the characters.

Viewers will keep guessing and will be forced to watch the next episode because of the plot. I also noticed that the color dominated in this episode are mostly brown, beige colors. I’m not sure if this is kind of their theme or what.

I’m sure I will watch the next episode because I was wondering what really happened after the plane crashed. It’s intriguing me.

Missing 9 Korean Drama Episode 2 Short Review

Credits to MBC

So when I feel a bit uninterested during the first episode, this second episode slowly built up the tension and conflict from the drama. I can't see any of my fave celebrity from this drama but let me just say they have their own upbringing in making each character strong.

​So in this episode, it was revealed some parts and events on what really took place in the deserted island after the plane crashed. 

One character was revealed to be dead due to murder however the killer haven't revealed yet. It was also revealed that Ra Bong Hee was just playing an act that she cannot remember anything four months ago during the tragedy.

As a viewer, it's kinda new to me for this genre. And I will say that I will watch the next episodes because I wanted to know what happened to the other celebrities and people in the plane.

There might be something fishy about Ra Bong as she keeps everything under the wrap. ​

See you on Episode 3!