Nam Joo Hyuk Being Intimate With Fans at V Live App


Nam Joo Hyuk/ V Live App screenshot

Nam Joo Hyuk recently shared more about "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" on V Live App. He also answered some questions from the fans and also completed short missions for them. 

Spoiler Alert! You will get to here him saying 'Tuh!' (Chubs) all over again. Hays, my heart please. ​

The actor was requested by one of his fans, in his first mission to greet them in his Busan dialect in which the actor did so.

On his second mission, he was asked what kind of pop songs he listened to and movie he just watched recently.

“I have been listening to a lot of songs lately,” the 22-year-old actor shared. He added that he listened to “Good Together” song lately and that of the band Coldplay’s songs.

The actor also said that since he was filming WFKBK, he has not watched any recent films yet however, he mentioned that he watched Ryan Gosling’s “Drive” film.

The actor was asked to record a morning call for a fan for his third mission. The actor then put the camera closer to him in which his cute eyes were only seen and tries to act like waking up a person in the morning.

Before the fourth mission, the actor panned the camera to two winter jackets hanging inside the studio. The actor said those will be given as prize to three lucky fans he will choose. Moreover, those lucky fans who were chosen will be given a Polaroid picture of the “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” actor and of course, with his signature on them.

In his next mission, he was asked to pick three lines from “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.”

The actor said he liked the lines he said to Lee Sung Kyung’s character, Bok Joo when he saw her rushing to reach his father and he was teasing her with the dragonfly pin used by Bok Joo. He added that he liked the lines, “You are my first love!”

The third lines he liked was on the last episode’s however the actor hesitated to share it as it might be a spoiler so he just picked “Swag” and “Are you happy?”

In one of the missions, the actor was also asked about tips on how to play the “claw game" in which he enthusiastically demonstrated with his fans through the video. 

The actor also comforted a fan who said he is watching the actor’s video for healing. The actor said, “Sunjoo, get better soon and good luck for your army preparation. Fighting!”

After 5 hours, the video garnered more than 60,000 replays with 764, 178 likes from Nam Joo Hyuk’s fans.

The video was subbed in English but there are some sentences which are not yet translated. If you want to watch it again (just like me!) head over to the website or the link of the video below.

Here are some  of my screenshots: ​

I even make a meme out from it. Love you Joo Hyuk-ssi!