New Drama Alert: Ms. Perfect Starring Go So Young, Sung Joon, Yoon Sang Hyun

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Ms. Perfect

KBS releases new drama titled "Ms. Perfect" starring Go So Young, Sung Joon, Yoon Sang Hyun and  Cho Yeo Jeong.

It has been noted that it's the first comeback of Go So Young in the small screen after 10 years. Her character in the drama is just an ordinary middle-aged woman.

"I know many of you have preconceptions of me just because of how I look. And, I always felt bad about it. I saw a lot of common traits in Shim Jaebok and myself. By relating to the character, I thought I could approach the public more comfortably," the actress said as cited by KBS.

​Her husband in the drama will be played by Yoon Sang Hyun. 

"As soon as I read about the character, I thought, 'This is it!" he exclaimed.

"I am a big fan of Ko Soyoung. She is one of the big reasons why I chose this drama. It's really fun to be with her playing husband and wife," the actor added.

Cho Yeo Jeong also expressed her excitement and honor to be playing alongside actress Go So Young saying she is a huge fan. 

"Ms. Perfect" premiered on KBS on February 28 taking the spot of "Hwarang." Watch the teaser below:

Ms Perfect teaser