‘Oh Jung Park’: These’96 liners Kpop Idols Are Best Of Friends Who Turned Dreams Into Reality

Oh Jung Park Kpop idol best friends

Oh Jung Park idol best friends: Kpop idols Red Velvet's Joy, Apink’s Hayoung and GFRIEND’s Yerin are best of friends who are turning their ambitions into reality!

On the annual KBS Song Festival, Kpop idols are expected to showcase their best performances and collaborations are much-anticipated. One of the most talk-of-the-social media performances was by Oh Jung Park (Red Velvet's Joy, Apink’s Hayoung and GFRIEND’s Yerin) cover of Girl's Generation's "Mr.Mr."

The three are high school classmates. Ye-rin explained the team's name, "I made it interesting after Oh Ha-young's" Oh, Jeong Ye-rin's "Jung", and Joy's last name, Park (Park Soo-young). "

The strong and vivid image of the three people appeared in a chic black jacket, white shirt. People were excited by their charismatic performance, which were very different from their respective group colors.

Netizens were quick to comment that this must be a dream come true for the best friends: performing in one stage.

GFRIEND’s Yerin also siad during one of her interviews for Billboard, that she wanted to do a collaboration performance with Joy and Hayoung.

Check out their performance here:

The three are known to be close set of best friends supporting each other during music shows and even coming together during ISAC (even though they are from different teams).

Their friendship's moments are also recently shared by Red Velvet's Joy and Oh Ha Young through their Instagram accounts.


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