‘One Spring Night’ Han Ji Min, Jung Hae In, Kissing Scenes behind ‘Sweetness + Excitement’


Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In's thrilling kissing scenes behind "One Spring Night" catches attention.

In the MBC series "One Spring Night", Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In;s first kissing scene was were unveiled.

In the photo released, Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In were giving and receiving an affectionate kiss. The images of the two make the viewers' hearts tremble, sending out sweet air.

One Spring Night Han Ji Min Jung Hae In Kissing Scenes

In addition, Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In, who read the script together before the shooting, do not lose their bright smile and polishing the scene warmly. The two exchanged affectionate glances when the camera was turned on, engaging in characters and creating long-lasting beautiful scenes.

One can see the excitement-filled atmosphere from the two, whose sweet mood does not disappear even after shooting. Even the sweet chemistry of Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min, who have a shy smile on their faces.

In particular, the two also showed off their heart-strobing chemistry in the video clip "Kissing behind the scenes," which was released right after Wednesday's broadcast. The two actors' crisp, smiling faces convey the atmosphere of the scene.

Meanwhile, 'One Spring Night' is broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 PM. You can also watch this sweet K-drama on Netflix.